Puente Bizkaia – Getxo

The Vizcaya Bridge is the most outstanding representative of the industrial era and one of Euskadi’s most renowned icons. Its main function is to connect Portugalete and Getxo.

The Hanging Bridge was designed by Alberto Palacio with the technical assistance of Fernando Arnodín.

In July 2006 it was declared a World Heritage site on 13th July 2006, it is the oldest shuttle bridge in the world. For the UNESCO it is “an exceptional expression of creativity, perfectly blending its functionality and aesthetic beauty”.

Puente Bizkaia – Portugalete – Getxo

The Hanging Bridge joins the two banks of the Nervion Estuary and it may be crossed by the pedestrian walkway (which is on top of the bridge and quite an experience) or by the gondola which brings you and your car or motorbike or bicycle to the other side of the bank. It can be easily reached by metro from Bilbao downtown.

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