Ruins Patones de Arriba

Patones de Arriba

A small tourist village in the Sierra de Guadarrama (Communidad de Madrid). A place that is totally different and for sure worth a visit when passing through the center of Spain. It nowadays depends probably 100% on tourism, but has an interesting history to tell. You will not be disappointed if you like small villages, stone and wood houses and good food.

Ruins of stables in Patones de Arriba

Patones de Arriba has been first mentioned around 1527. The town has been named after their founders the Patones brothers who wanted to gain some local importance.

Noteworthy to mention is that Patones became to be called the Kingdom of Patones – as they even had their owe king at one point.

Patones de Arriba – Madrid

The legend says that Patones actually was missed by Napoleon when the swept through Spain. As it is hidden up in the hills. We do not know if that is true, but what we know is that Patones was unaffected by the invasion.

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