Thorong La Pass – Annapurna Circuit

Hiking through the Himalaya is a once in a life time experience. We hiked the 131 kilometers of the Annapurna Circuit in 40 days, which is way over the average a hiker usually takes. There are many that do the round in 10-12 days or even less. Taking your time gives you the chance to enjoy the small mountain villages and get to know the most friendly people that live far away from anything. As well you can do day trips to interesting valleys that you can not visit if in a rush.

At the time of writing, there was no street connecting the villages of the Annapurna Circuit, so all supply was brought to the villages by sherpas. It is amazing how many different micro climates you encounter when doing this tour. Some regions are stone deserts while you find many green oasis where people cultivate whatever is best growing depending on the climate.

Thorong La Pass, Annapurna, Nepal

If you have the time and energy to do such a round, it is something you will never forget. We did the round just before the rainy season started – so basically we were alone in most of the villages. A great advantage if you enjoy being with locals and you want to learn about their lifes in Nepal.

Make sure that you prepare yourself to do hikes in altitudes. On Annapurna you go up to 5,416 meters. This trip was just amazing and inspiring like nothing ever before.

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