Thorong La – Annapurna Circuit

The chair, the mountain and me. Enjoying a sunset on almost 5,000 meters before resting to cross the Thorong La pass (the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit). There is a hostel close to the peak. Be prepared that it can get very cold and as normal in Nepal, they only provide woolen plackets – so make sure you grab some of them not to get too cold over night.

Thorong La, Annapurna, Nepal
The chair, the mountain and me

The host of the hostel was very friendly and provided us with great Nepali food as well as advise for our next daily hike. One of the most impressing things in the Himalaya is that even if you are on 5,000 meters altitude, you still see mountains that are much higher around. Being from Switzerland I am used to see high mountains, but what you encounter there is like in another world. From where we were we saw mountains growing to the sky like we were in the flat lands. Crazyyyyy.

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