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Portland – Oregon

Visiting Portland Oregon for the 3rd time. Meeting up with Friends and Family was a blast. Oregon has so much to offer. Portland city is famous for its Coffee Shops as well as their many Dispensaries. With their liberal politics, Portland attracts both open minded people as well as many homeless and drug addicts that want to benefit from the liberal handling of drug use. So its a quite interesting mix, allowing you to stroll along hipster streets and just enjoy liberal Portland.

On the other hand, Portland downtown has become a place where you do not really want to be. From being one of the safest and liveliest downtown’s, its turned into a bit of a “shit-hole”. Still there are many things to do and see in Portland, for example: Washington Park, 23rd Avenue, Last Thursday on Alberta Street, Food-carts, Bike around Portland, Nike Campus, South Park Blocks or a tour on the Colombia or Willamette River.

Portland NW 23rd Avenue
NW 23rd Avenue

Once you leave Portland, you will find yourself in pure nature. Wherever you go you are surrounded by woods and incredible landscapes. We did a tour to the Oregon Coast with a Van. Portland still has very liberal camping laws, which means you basically can do dispersed camping in most places. On the coast the situation on where you can overnight camp was a bit unclear. What was clear, is that you can not dispersed camp in cities, car parks, or state parks. But in most pullout regions you see people setup their motor homes and campers to stay overnight. Just ask the people (the ones that are camping) they will be happy to let you know about their experiences.

Camping on the Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast – Camping

Finally visiting surrounding cities and a trip to Multnomah Falls and Mount Hood complete your visit to Portland. I must say, I was surprised about all the diversity Oregon has to offer and how close to the city outdoors activities can be done.

Mount Hood Oregon 3425m
Mount Hood – Timberline Lodge

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