Tana Toraja – Funeral preparation

Helping to setup the obelisk for the funeral that was going to take place in 5 days. The whole village is building the funeral houses. After helping to setup the stone, we were invited for lunch, a water buffalo that has been slaughtered just some time ago and cooked in water.

Another very good food offered is pork cooked in bamboo wood in the fire. Yummie. Below picture shows the main house for the funeral. There were around 20 “houses” built for this event only. Supposedly for the funeral they were going to slaughter 23 water buffalos. The pigs that usually the guest bring are not counted anymore – the number could be in the hundreds.

Tana Torajans save their whole live money for their funeral. Even if they live far away – many of them send their body back home to Tana Toraja to get a traditional funeral. Funeral months for this reason are the main holiday times in Indonesia as well as the dry time in the region – June – August.

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