COVID19 – Madrid

This is on the first walk in Madrid after the quarantine which lasted from March 14th to April 26th 2020. In this time you were only allowed to leave your house to go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy. With a stock of toilet paper and essential foods we fortunately got well through the lockdown – learning how to make bread and improving our favorite recipes. One of the positive things as well was that there were no cars in the city and pollution levels dropped significantly.

Madrid – COVID19

It’s been an intense time as well. Working from home in a small apartment, and not seeing anyone, nor friends, nor family. Being dependent on a government that strictly forbade everything and was fining people that broke the rules with € 600 or more was not a nice experience. I was surprised how much power a government can take in such a short time and how helpless citizens are once something like this happens. 

Things look like they get better, but Spain has been hit hard by the virus and has left its trace, over 27k deaths at the time of writing, as well as social and economic damage of which the scope still has to be seen. 

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